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membership management system
The Membership Management System is a complete software and hardware system that was designed for managing all types of clubs, gyms and facilities. We were approached by a customer looking for a system to manage their club members and facilities, so we altered our software packages to do this. Since setting this system up we have spent time designing a software and hardware package that we believe is an overall system for managing memberships and controlling access to a premise. We work closely with our customers to design all of our products and if there is anything a customer requires from the Membership Management System, we will try our best to provide it. The software and hardware can be used separately or can be integrated for overall management of the club.

membership management system dashboard

Software Features:
iphone remote camera view

See what's happening in your premises anytime, anywhere thanks to our mobile cam viewer.

biometric master unit
Master Unit
Hardware Features
If required we also provide a wide range of security cameras which can be linked to phones, laptops and tablets allowing you to see who is on the premise at any time.
The latest addition to the software package is the text messaging service. Our text messaging service is the cheapest available on the market. The hardware that the text messaging is ran through can be purchased alone.
biometric fingerprint access unit
Access Unit
security turnstile biometric
We also provide turnstiles as part of the system

Pricing depends on what each individual customer requires as there are so many attributes to the product. For more information please don't hesitate to contact us by visiting our Contact page.