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Our Identification Managament System is the application with the responsibility for creating & encoding cards or fobs for use with either WizTime or WizAccess. Customers have unique site codes and cards with holograms for high levels of security can be created.

  • Produces photographic quality ID cards
  • Add signatures to ID Cards
  • Automatic magnetic stripe encoding
  • You can create your own ID cards & layouts
  • Unlimited number of card layouts
  • Use standard USB camera
  • ID Photo is automatically recorded into WizHR or The Wiztec Business Suite
  • Magnetic stripe automatically encoded with HR number
  • Databases for use can be selected with WizHR or The Wiztec Business Suite
  • Easy 'find' facility

Security Features
  • WizID has a comprehensive security module. Through this module it is possible to restrict a users access to an entire database, group of employees or individual employee.
  • It is also possible to restrict screens and specified fields within a screen.

Application Options
  • WizID may be integrated fully with other Wiztec applications, including Human Resources Management system and the Wiztec Business Suite.
  • ID visitor card version also available

For more information on our Identification Management System please visit our Contact Page.