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WizWeb is our Internet/Intranet interface for our existing applications. You will be able to make any Wiztec application available to users through an Internet browser (e.g. Internet Explorer). WizWeb is robust, easy to use and easily maintained. Any changes managers/employees make to the data on the system are immediately available to all users in the HR and/or Payroll departments. This solution has become popular with customers who wish to make parts of a HR, Time and Attendance system available (usually with limited capabilities) to front line managers on remote sites/offices. As well as moving some administrative tasks to front line managers, it helps HR administrators reduce paperwork.

Employee Self Service

WizWeb also offers an employee self service option. This further streamlines the communications between employees and managers. WizWeb will limit the number of information requests which are presented to the HR/Administration department. This information is available to employees immediately via a web browser.For instance, employees may seek approval for annual leave (requiring supervisor approval before being added into the Holiday screen), view leave available to them, modify emergency contacts, dependents information and personal details, requests to attend training courses, alter bank details and enter time data.

Manager Self Service

WizWeb offers managers the ability to conduct HR and Time and Attendance management through the web. Manager can review, approve or deny holiday requests, clock ins, training requests and much more. WizWeb is designed to suit each company's specific requirements. Any element from any of our applications may be added to the WizWeb application. To see a demonstration please click the button below.